Crisis Management

A sudden event or a series of negative events may threaten an organization’s reputation, its financial health and even its existence. When an organization faces a crisis its representatives are besieged by journalists, clients, governments, interest groups, staff, shareholders, neighbors, onlookers. All demanding immediate responses.

See if your organization is prepared to manage in a crisis:

  • Have you carried out a structured reflection exercise concerning all the issues and aspects of your operation that could represent risks to your operation and/or its reputation?
  • Have you organized a crisis committee and an emergency team?
  • Is there a crisis and emergency procedures manual?
  • Does this manual include strategies for communication with all strategic publics?
  • Is it up to date, with revised procedures and up-to-date names and telephone numbers?
  • Have the procedures in the manual been simulation tested?
  • Have the crisis-committee members been trained to control a crisis situation?
  • Was the result satisfactory? If you answered no to any of these questions, see how we can help advise our organization…

Preventive Communication

  • structuring communication processes for risk/crisis situations
  • production of a Communication Manual for crisis situations
  • crisis-committee organization consultancy
  • spokesperson training
  • simulation organization

Communication in a Crisis

  • Arranging communication with strategic publics
  • 24-hour monitoring


  • Opinion survey/assessment
  • Evaluation of harm to image and reputation
  • Evaluation and redefinition of procedures